thinking is a curse
but feeling is a worse one
i admire your unadulterated functional self.

you walk around without pieces falling out of you and when you sit you are all one body. nothing falls out of place and nothing is allowed to enter without your permission. and i… i cannot fathom touching you beyond the walls.

the other night the moon shone bright over my lake… it did not have to ask me for my permission…

nor the breeze this morning. we have unexpected weather and the elements know they need no permission from an overly emotional, non functional self. so they unadulterated, pass in and out of me. i flop into chairs nearest or lie down preferably. you continue in the

perfection of an hour and then another; holding our world together while i fall to pieces… sometimes ill leave my heart at the window, or my hand at the teacup. at other times it will be my gaze or my voice… which can be very cumbersome to trace back.. it will be with a thought or a memory and ill chuckle to bring myself back to the moment…