I’ve never been good at remembering dates or days. more of a habit than an evasion. so I am checking the calendar to see how many days has it been that I fell sick. that is the time the world went under a lock down one after another. Lahore went into a partial and then complete lockdown with exceptions as they say; grocery stores, pharmacies , hospitals, of shops of necessary evils are open. But the majority of shops and malls are all closed. I am wondering how the women and some men are managing not spending their money on stuff without which they are surviving even now. coffee shops are closed so that major chunk of the society; the young and ambitious are at home too. I would be lying if I said I am not happy. I am elated to see there is not a sound of a car or a motorcyclist irritatingly passing by. deep down inside I was sick of the traffic and the shopping and madness!!

so if we stay under partial lockdown for the rest of our lives, I’d be insanely happy.

so I went off the topic I was going to pen down. I fell I’ll on the Friday they locked down the city. and I have been on the bed since. I have been incapacitated before; illness and I are allies but this one has been long or maybe it feels lingering. It humbles me always to be ill and then to be well again. I always look at everything with a new sight. I watched the sky yesterday when I was able to go out on the balcony and sit for a few minutes and listen to the stillness. it was a feeling of being drunk on silence. I could hear ludovico einaudi play in the sky Seven Days Walking

the paneeri I had planted was sprouting now. life continued.