end of march… the parrots haven’t come around… but then there is a lockdown… its pouring here in lahore… uncanny weather …but then everything has shifted its axis.. I lie awake at night and dream awake of the earth… how is it feeling right now… turning, turning on its axis without the heart to… as human beings do… animals now live in lesser hostile environments because nature has licked human beings in cages now.

the weather … what woe… in another time i would have been elated… but they say the warm summers would help , perhaps, with lowering the risks of the virus spreading…

but what of woes.. laments that the heart had have all resolved in the wake of the virus. indeed, life is so precious that each and everyone of us is just happy to be alive and scared of the pandemic. it is an amalgamation of tragedy and faith.

the pitter patter continues heavily and the moazzam can be heard.. its friday. how many will stay home and how many will believe their faith is stronger than a virus which knows no difference between caste, color or creed.

kafs udaas hai yaaro saba se kuch toh kaho ~
faiz sahab

i breathe heavily. breadth and life have been evasive many a times in my life and I have known fear.. not of dying but of living to see my loved ones, this world and this air I breathe, in pain.. I suffer the same again as I lie here waiting for confirmation of my blood reports. it’s not a post of announcement- this. it’s a post of humility , of sadness and relief both.

and another day has come to an end.. it’s still raining here and they say fasl ko nuksaan ho ga…. so toh hainuksaan toh ho ga aur bohat ho ga…

dua kar sakte hain… has toh karain… dua