RIC Journal

i’m standing at the threshold 
a child plump – hair tied 
eyes fixed on liquid lives i do not
understand. i am four

the eagle swims through watery clouds
i leave my diary open in hope
you will read its chasm filled pages
i want you to understand. i am fifteen

birds of prey wait and watch
i give you your last *ghussal
your lips have sworn allegiance
my anguish remains a secret buried
with you.
i wanted you to understand. i am 21

white serenity migrates over the
*Quetta skies
to warmer abodes
you watch me watch you watch me
i want to make you understand. i am 30

brown hair i pleat
kneading love into your laughter
you share stories from school
i ache to understand. you are 15 daughter

i stand at the door
at the gate
near cars 
by the window 
to smile at your…

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