RIC Journal

the marigolds did not grow this year.
you left us.
a friend died of cancer.
my migraines have grown in number.
the children have started to worry.
i stopped fighting nights.
blame is better shared.
spent lives heavily rest
on my chest
I stroke their cheeks their hair
they all look like me none like you.
you must feel cheated?
i am sure.
they say it will rain soon maybe today is soon.
is today soon enough?
eagles hover low
filth of our consumption
lies heavily on their bodies.
they do not complain like me.
they just do not fly anymore.
i drove.
i counted.
five thousand empty eyes
thirty aimless cars
twenty five choking trees
seventy five children
hiding in their fathers pockets holding onto their lives on the
tiny seats of the motorcycle.
smog filled eyes and restless hearts
i heard a tree gasp for air.
they closed…

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