RIC Journal

love existed before longing
longing precedes loving
i reach the fire you had made
find ashes alone
lonely in their dreams
waiting for someone to throw dust
so it may rest
find your presence here
in the twig that you may have used
to map your journey in the ground
some berries and plums
pomegranate as red as the blood

dumeguftaar keh us lab pe machaltee huee baat


i am a lone traveler
followers are not travellers
i am a lone follower
lost my pack
each one on purpose
for you
if longing is a purpose then
i shudder at the thought of your lips next to mine
quivering in their longing, parched in their own solitude
jung’s individuation fails here

dumeguftaar keh us lab pe machaltee huee baat


gathering flowers from this earth you walked
waiting for a direction
none to be found
your sweat…

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