RIC Journal

“he came softly to the recesses of my memory lips resting on his shoulder reminder of a longing
never satiating
never completing
oscillating between the past and the future of that which could not
be “

love… the word is repeated again and again like the
daanas on the tasbeeh; a frenzy of faith. There are a 100 beads on the Muslim
rosary; tasbeeh.

Different counts for different needs.

That evening I went to my nano and asked her to tell me a count I could use for myself ; a special prayer. “na, dee, you are potent. don’t restrict to a count. Beta, zid se maangti ho, jalal sirf us ko zaib daita hai”. She pointed upwards and went back to her own reading of the tasbeeh.

Help is rarely there when
you are seeking it and never there when you ask for it.

I went out of the…

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