dreams that border on nights that remember the angst of being in daytime light.

Linguistically that is an inversion. In the dream I am not walking backwards towards twilight and then sunset and sunrise. perhaps the dream wishes to relive the day and undo what is done.

I learnt the word regret very early in life.

I also learnt that regret is a fear.

of being unable to live in daytime light. Evenings become my refuge and nights my reality. The hypothesis that dreams offer  a reversal of ones life or a compensation is just that; hypothetical.

You cant compensate anything. It is as it was meant to be. Every second of every minute that I have lived and am living now is already etched on the TL of my life and those with me. I cannot change anything is not a cruel statement but an obligation to reality.

so, how shall you sleep tonight, fear?