I dreamt again


How we Measure Our Losses

By What The Mob has Gained 
I looked at my autistic son today and I was scared.. that if someone slipped a note or a book into his pocket or asked a question on religion,belief,right or wrong  or any of the leading to hell questions, he would probably fumble… and in a society where the mob is strong he would have as little a chance to survive as any have up to this day. 

 I was scared.. And I have not one special needs child so was scared for all 

of them because they could be #MashalKhan or #Mughees or #Muneeb any given  day… they already are vulnerable, and my concerns stem from parental protection. The children that fall prey to mobs or fights have as little saving grace as my children do. The truth is that none of our children are safe in the face of what has been unleashed post 9/11 which was the beginning of the end of what was meant to be a post cold war world; safe from the plague of the Middle Ages. Who could have known and who could have guessed that the 21st century would see the worst side of humanity.  
We have glorified our claims and made it acceptable to live as we wish to in terms of our sexuality but with a price to pay. We have advanced in sciences and medicine and found a cure for much and we are great at advocating the plight and rights of those marginalized. We have enlightened ourselves in so many ways that we have no idea where to go next. Looking for planets beyond the one we inhibit, we have surged forth and yet, we have retreated to the lowest levels of our existence in terms of tolerance.  
We have infiltrated everyone’s lives through the social media and recruited sites to penetrate into other people’s lives and sitting in the comfort zone we have become angrier every moment. We spew words, lash out hatred and throw jargon at  anyone who differs in opinion and rank. We have made little pockets of anger and intolerance and when we are ready we come out and we are now called The Mob. We take the individual by the hair and drag him or her to the centre of the arena and we ridicule and spurt anger till we have charged ourselves enough to kill.Lynching is the new apopclypse. The word is a verb and it cries for action:  




gerund or present participle: lynching; noun: lynching 

(of a group of people) kill (someone) for an alleged offence without a legal trial, especially by hanging and the  

synonyms:hang, hang by the neck; execute, put to death, kill, murder. 
In short lynching is inherently  dependent on the mob’s belief that it is right. Self righteous crowd made of self righteous individuals. The adrenaline high comes from those watching and not restraining or questioning. Thus no thinking is involved.  
 It is not specified to a country or a people or a color. The Mob has no religion. It is a cult and it will not stop till it satiates itself. The blood of the individual is the ultimate satisfaction and the death of the one lynched being the supreme coveted trophy.  
I fear mobs.  
I fear the lack of self control in each one of us but I fear most the absence of thought.  
The State of Pakistan has taken a lot of effort in creating The Mob;

 70 years of undoing, till the undoing has taken over. When Madrassas and shrines are places that fill the minds of multitudes; unchecked and untarnished, the product thus is a brainwashed multitude that marks us with their statements. Minds of multitudes have been marked.  Where do we go from here because we have already hit rock bottom years ago. 
The society is categorically divided into thinkers and doers. Thinkers think and tweet a 140 characters sitting in their comfort zone, thinking tweeting is the beginning and end of their duty. The doers go on killing, fragmenting the people and planting fear in everything. The dichotomy is ridiculously demarcated by the fake world we have created where we assume we are liberated from the shackles of absurdity and the reality which erupts when individuals are murdered. Individuals whose deaths are unaccounted for; Sabeen Mahmoud, Mashal Khan, Mughees, Muneeb…the list is endless and fading in our memories. Shrouded, covered mass graves of humanity. And all we have is words:

We Must

Needs to Stop


Mob Mentality

Individual Rights 





Kind of a day has come to an end.

Another waits in the hinges of darkness that has spread all around us.