​The lake shifts it’s flow tonight

The breeze slows down to inhale the presence of her heavy stride
The grass stills to listen 

Such nights are heard over miles

One had to let go to the elements when pain overpowers. The body cannot bear it alone.
The heavens still to listen to what the heart wants to howl
Have you heard the wind on such a night?it’s heavy and laden with the sighs of lovers who could not meet
Prodding and trudging along the continents to satiate the fears of those who could not,were not allowed to breathe in air free
But it is not new. There were many before and more will come after.  The end and tye beginning is always going to be the same.
So??? Why do they continue to still love and still embrace agony. Is it a question ? I shall ask the questions then
Why does the air move without moving 

Does it move or is it walking through stillness that we think it’s air-

We have an obligation to let the elements settle when we can’t. To let the universe rest from time to time.
The unsettled being is settled in its own dislodged way. Broken limbs that adjust to a crooked walk
Is it thirst that makes us drink the lake 

Or is the lake wanting us to drain it

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