The mother took pictures of the child next to a kangaroo bin. 

The child wanted to touch the kangaroos nose and poke it’s stomach
Sont touch that said she
which was a lid for trash.

He was curious.
She was not.she had stuff to do
Upload the pic on the social network
And what’s app it to the family and friends.
The child shuffled behind her
Head down
And a mmmmm
And a
Uh huh
Later he wanted to write about the kangaroo
But mom had other things to do wash him and scrub him and feed him too
He shuffled and shuffled and scuffled  a bit too
And an
Ummm and mmmmm
And uhh  huh too
The rituals and the routines
Didn’t matter though
He would wait for the night to bring him to the shore
Beyond the ummm and the Uh huh
He lay in bed that night and closed his eyes
And walked to the kangaroo
And poked his tummy and pinched his nose
And hugged him too.

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