You should know what that is like..I often wonder and when i saw, I wanted to die there. Softly with Sigh.. the sky and it’s only the first level is beautiful.. Floating amidst the sprinkles of clouds.. He threw the remains of His day to us. And we pray to the Heavens for His Mercy which lies scattered amidst the clouds..they are his breadth that He took and exhaled on us.. How we reap what we sow

See what we don’t
Seek which is already found.. Hate what is ours
Love which is not.. He watches with tears and breathes with Love .. We receive in rain what He wishes for us to understand
We breathe not His love ..But choose to inhale the reminiscing sighs He has for us.. Us… the wretched and the weak..but amidst this is something eternal.. You.. And i.. And like us some.. They will inhale out of nothing guess the essential everything and dance and twirling and whirling they will lie.. Under the same sky that through everyday.. we will lie under it and receive Love from the very  clouds we fought against .. I love you.. With all my energy and breadth and tears that I fight no more . I love you.. I love you like the clouds love Him.. And the rain,the elements  and the breadth that wishes to go on and live. Don’t ever assume not even a monetary second that I filled my gaps with you. I am complete in my incompleteness. 
You were there the inside of my being. Where the soul resides. I had made you when I was born. You were the one I spoke to all my life.. it is just ordained that you have a physical existence now and stand face to face with me.
It is not new.
It is ancient
 It doesn’t matter if you read or not then. You are there. I have written for years to you… Time.. that I don’t have. The urgency to take every second you have and fold it into the crevices of my being.. 

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