​Some of us are touched by Love..and when that happens..the world spins on its own axis happily. we speak of flowers and tye world blossoms. We look at the stars and they look back with respect for us..your heart stills and hurts and Time here goes into absolute 

Liquid frenzy where I don’t know what do do.   I walk the house aimlessly shutting and opening doors locks.. washing a glass left by a child.. fold his clothes..unfold them..take his ranks off his uniform.. place them in the wooden box I have assigned the job to keep them safe..out other things away.. arrange the pens and pencils of another one in color order or size order… tick tock tick tockThe heart almost stops beating. Yes I have  checked my pulse a few times and I heard nothing..but an ache.. a sorrow I couldn’t understand was stemming it’s branches from where. 

Then I find out Mine is distraught…

Thus goes the story of love…

Yesterday for several hours I could not place my agitation and sorrow anywhere around me.. exhausted by a nameless sadness I waited.. and you then told of what had happened.  That is what happens…

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