​Fits of delusion

The air is prepared for Your absence
The night is prepared for Your presence
What do you know of love?

I love – 

How innocent that you think you love me and so I exist. 


I waited for You 


You didn’t come –
And I waited for you 

And you merely looked away. I laid the stars out for you.The sea gushed on

The moon rose and I waited for you


You were intent in your own need for My arrival.

You make me wait more without even knowing

Sleep evades the beloved as much as the lover 

Not one is at peace 

Not one is at peace

Knocking on all doors

Opening them

Finding nothing but Your memory

A faint aura that You were here 



Certainty is not to be

The stars fade and the moon prepares to hide 

Deliberate steps to Deliberate execution of making memories

I’m clenching my hand
Open your fist and let the stars go

Yours not to be

But I gathered them over some Time-surely I can keep them?
Do I ask to keep your dreams or your memories or snitch your time? 
Return what Is Mine and I will spare what is yours…

Ones agony is silenced at the First call to prayer

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