So we have taken on the challenge of an electric tooth brush and washing ourself because the school has literally made it a prerequisite to readmission this year.


The electric toothbrush is fun. We play the Elvis Only Fools Rush In on my cell phone while he brushes his teeth. There is a rhythm to it that is very relaxing. The funny part is the toothbrush and Ali’s mouth are moving simultaneously, which is funny. So we laugh and brush. The sensory over stimulation from the toothbrush as not as bad as I had expected it to be so it’s recommended  by me to parents who are battling brushing teeth and bedtime routines.  The last thing we want is to be at the dentist. It’s not expensive and you change the cell once in a couple of months.

The washing ourself is not going that great. Kids were toilet trained on time. To the dot. In fact earlier than ‘regular’ kids I know of. The washing the butt should be the last thing because it’s, well, technical and has to be precise otherwise it’s a mess. 😨

So, we are trying and I am being less passive and slightly more assertive than my usual self with the school. I am demanding some lenient compassion till I think he is ready.

Till them we are moving on. One step at a time.

*image of Alis toothbrush*


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