EditWe are all here With and Reason and Purpose

August 19, 2015 at 6:04pm

The following extracts are from Man of Steel.

#Parenting #Mothers #Fathers #SpecialFavorites of #Allah. As a parent it’s my duty and passion to open the world of opportunities for the children and those I can reach out to. That is the essence of Bismillah rahman raheem. .



Clark, I will call your mother.


I’m here! Clark, dear. This mother.

You want to open the door?

– What’s wrong with him? – He’s weird.

His parents had to persuade him, he should be ashamed.

Dear … How can you help you if you do not let Mom go?

This world is too big, Mom.

So make so little.

Focus on my voice.

Think there is an island, in the middle of the ocean.

Can you see it?

I can see it.

Swim there, dear.

What’s wrong with me, Mom?






…You are the answer, son.

You are the answer to the question: “Are we alone in the universe?”

I do not want it.

I do not blame you, kid.

Maybe you will be hard to accept this, but you’re not the ordinary man, Clark. and I believe you …

You were sent here for a reason.

It will not change who you are, and someday …

Someday … You have to make a choice.

Choice whether you’re going to defend the human race or not.

I can not continue to pretend to be your son?

You are my son.

But somewhere out there, you …

You’ve got another father who gave you another name.

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