Carrie – I guess I’m done and we never happened. I’m not one for words but they are coming now.I don’t believe in fate, or destiny or horoscopes but I can’t say I’m not surprised things turned out this way. I always felt there was something kinda pulling me back to darkness, does that make sense?, but I wasn’t allowed a real life or a real love – that was for normal people.

With you I thought, ah maybe, just maybe but I know now that was a false glimmer. I’m used to those, they happen all the time in the desert but this one got to me and here’s the thing, this death, this end of me is exactly what should’ve happened. I wanted the darkness, I fuckin’ asked for it.

It has me now so don’t put a star on the wall for me, don’t say some dumb speech just think of me as a light on the headlands, a beacon steering you clear of the rocks.

I loved you.

Yours for always now – Quinn



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