There are no words left.none for the times when I miss my father.

none for the moments when I want to spend more tine with my mother but can’t and all I can mutter ia ‘I’ll be back in a while’ ; letting her hopeful smile trail behind me like star dust..

none for the times when my child smiles at me and knows I need to be quiet.

none for the times when I open the clenched fist of my sleeping child and slid out of his dreams because I have house chores

none… no words are left 

I am drained of words because I have overwhelmed my being. I have entered a passage where no one can follow me nor accompany me.. where words cease to exist because they are just not enough anymore. .

you poke me 


probe me

and I look at a safe distance

at a point where I feel safe.

I wish you could understand that I have no words left. Just silence. 

A amazement filled silence.

the more I return to this point, I know, the less you cab claim of me.. but remember I am not to be possessed. 

The winds are my arms and the sea is my heart.

the trees are my stature and the sky is my home..

let me go.. 

you can easily do it..

Because you dont know silence

and you do not want to be silent..

so let my hand slip away and my heart fly free.. only then will I be yours..

(To my children who know my silence)

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