there is a moment between other moments; it stands at the edge of a hyphen a comma or a semicolon.. The moment when I pause and wonder and in that wondering is another moment that lies tucked away in the corner of the heart. It is gratitude; for the sun that rises each morning and never fails to tell me that it is here for me. It is the moment when the sun sets each evening, reassuring me that it is going to back again. That what may not be visible to the eye does not fade away.It simply is not in our vision.. All we have to do is close our eyes and open them again and we will find the moment there. Right there. It awaits when I am tired.. Let’s me rest within its folds and let me know that the next one will be different from the one passing by. 

What I know now is what I was looking’s a feeling like you have when walking in the dark night and straining your eyes as much as you can, all you see are shadows and And then a light at the end of that path makes your heart light and the journey bearable..hopeful. It is like when you have a haze in front of you and when it clears what you see is not opaque but clear. 



That was worth the pain and the numbness. The confusion and the tears. 


I wish my children will see clearly because I will not hide anything beautiful from them.. God is not ugly and so life is not.

Those who are..can be like the umbilical cord.. Their time is up and the need is to cut them off. 

That is my prayer..for goodness and nothing in between.



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