Some days.. 

I really want to say most days and nights are like a roller coaster ride. I begin and I think to myself, I need to do this or that and by the time the day ends I have not done anything but barely manged the day. I want to read that book I have had on my table for a year. I want to study for the classes I will be teaching. I want to nibble on a sandwich. Alone. Without the kids fighting or wanting that sandwich in particular. I exhaust myself before I have done even two of the things I wanted to or had thought I would. I want to hold your hand and make you write alphabets but the other children have their demands. And when I have the time you are so tired of the days happenings. 

And this hour. Quiet. Dead quiet. And I hear all of you sleeping in your rooms. Breathing softly. And you my youngest talking to yourself and Barney and about to sleep.. And all I want is the night to wrap us in its arms.

Tomorrow is another day.



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