There is a time in ones life, and I have come to believe, it’s in everyone’s life, when one faces the truth. The truth can be about oneself and about another person. It will break you into a thousand pieces and smash you against a wall. You will be broken. Completely. You will struggle to become whole again and that will take a longer time than ever because it will be you facing the truth. No one will be able to help you in any way. That moment will be a breaking and them creating point. The break will not come suddenly. The trust you put in another person took you a lifetime and thus the remaking of your own self will take time too. At this juncture some will break completely and that will be their personal change and some will rise from their own ashes and that will theirs. No matter which way you go, you will change. You will see yourself clearly and the other loss will give way to another and that’s fine. 

That is the cost of finding yourself.  


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