It is not impossible but it is difficult to think beyond the troubles that beset ones lot. I was in session with my son at the speech therapist when I remembered I had to email the centre the assessment report for my other child for whom I am applying to different colleges. I need a letter stating that dyslexia is he major reason that the individual cannot sit for the matriculation exam which the HEC has made a pre requisite to apply to colleges and universities across the board. See if your don’t have issues that are off the bend, you will not appreciate the crooked path we as parents face.
So, there I was rushing to the reception to confirm if they had received the report. I bumped into (literally) Amina, a bright bubbly 14 year old. Too bright and totally spaced out. Loud as can be she was talking about how she was not to show off her newly acquired trainers and she was as excited as any teenager should be on getting the privilege to finally wear trainers. It’s a liberating feeling. The mother was all nerves and about to collapse as Amina kept slipping her T off her shoulder and showing off her lacy trainers and saying oops and giggling. Inappropriate, Yes. Forgivable. Yes. I reached out and said ‘hi, I am yada’ and she squealed ‘ I am amina and shame shame’ and off went the T shoulder. ‘Lets go watch the rain Amina’ I said and we did.
The mother peeped from behind some papers and said, ‘are you a therapist here?’
‘No, but all mothers are therapists.’ I replied and we all watched the rain fall…litter patter putter patter….. May the day rest softly on us. Ameen

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