* I am trying to find the way through the fog. it gets thicker as I travel farther.
‘you can turn around any moment and it will be gone.’

* and now the rain is making it difficult to see. ‘Ill lead.’
You walk ahead of me. I walk behind you. We both walk in the rain and fog.

* ill hum so you don’t lose me.
You say nothing. will You keep turning to see that I am still there?
‘Ill be walking.’

*i look at my feet. I see my feet on the ground.
The ground is under my feet. I can’t feel the earth. I think ill take my shoes off.

* I sit under a tree to take my shoes off. It’s a tree with many voices. there are birds in the tree.maybe an owl and some bats too. I wonder

*I sit under a tree to take my shoes off. It’s a tree with many voices. there are birds in the tree.maybe an owl and some bats too. I wonder

* wasted Time.
the time you spend looking for answers is wasted Time. there are no answers.
only the illusion of answers and of questions

*is this hour wasted then? shall I not knock? Shall I not open the window anymore?

* I walk in the fog. The tree is where I keep returning to. It’s a cyclic path. I can’t see You thus I can’t see the Path. The fog thickens

* I can’t find the tree.

* the distance has grown between You and I in the hour I was looking for You. What do I do? I hear You walking somewhere in the thickening fog

* stop looking,
You whisper.

*I throw the shoes down. I throw down the books I am carrying. And the water I had carried for the journey, I let it run into the ground..

*I am lighter now. I think ill run to Your voice and ill find You at the end of Your whisper. I want to run.
I cannot. I try to run.I can’t

* nothing.
there must be something on me that burdens me, my step. I look in the pockets.what I wore at the start of the journey had none…

*pockets within pockets. Inside the seam too. each pocket carrying such a lot. where shall I put all this? ‘Throw it down.’

* when the pockets are emptied I stand up.’Throw the coat too.’I look at You pleadingly.it holds great value ,this coat Master.’Then burn it!’

*dawn .. Tearing its way through the night… I walk to the bench and sit and wait for You.

*We will watch it together. The horizon is turning hues.
the fog and tree. The night. All will be a distant dream in a few moments..

* if I reach the tree again , ill sit and rest.
ill wait for You to find me.

* What once was.
Now is.
Will change.


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