*I wanted to just say Your name again and again and again and the voices and the interferences were too many. They wanted me to say theirs

*I gratified them. Said their names out aloud and with my eyes said Yours

*at first the nights waited for You.. Now the days are Yours too.

*this air I breathe is Yours. The breath is Yours. I own nothing.

*nothing. from this nothingness I stretch and extend. I exist.

*nothing.nothing is of me. all is from You. of You

*I whispered to the breeze this morning. It whispered back,’You’

* The bee comes to the flower-the flower need not travel to claim it’s honor

* I want to say Your name and I want to say it in a thousand ways. ‘Say it under your breath.’

*Restrain is advices in matters of love so that love survives the test of flippancy

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