* I heard You knock at my door. There is no breeze tonight. The trees are silent.

*the knock was not my heart either. It beats within me with a fury I am familiar with.

*I saw You filling the street with Your presence. A child hurriedly crossing the street, the vendor and the beggar. The woman and her child.
and I wondered how You are in each.

*these are not my hands. I do what You want me to with them. I untie the knots around my heart each night and You loosen them for me

* I am looking for a well without water. I want to fill it myself

*I walk knowing not the path. I find it difficult to see in the dark. ‘Ill hold the lantern at the end if it and wait for you.’ You walk on.

*I stumble and can barely see. It’s not the path I took in the day. That was familiar.I look for light. I find none

*there is a slight flicker a little ahead. Is it You. I look closely. I reach for the light and find my hand sitting on my heart.

*now there is light. but now I see the moon. I don’t know which one to keep- my own or the moon’s

* the moon will take me places I have dreamt of all my life. the oceans I have wanted to swim, and the mountains I wished to climb.

*my heart will take me to You

* sleep sits on my brows with a heaviness I long to succumb to. I fear losing You if I sleep. ‘We can meet in your dream.’

*it has started to rain. The path is now difficult to tread on.’you are too cautious.let it be and walk on.’ You never leave my side.

*Your lantern is visible

*I am clumsy. ‘Don’t apologize.’

*I write a letter to You. I word it carefully. I write down everything I wanted to say to You.

*I write a letter to You. I word it carefully. I write down everything I wanted to say to You.

* I slip it into Your hand. I watch You as You open it. You smile. ‘Sit beside Me.’

*we look at the moon while You tell me stories of rivers and mountains. I smile

*You have a pen in Your hand. You want paper

*I have nothing to give to You on which You could write.’but you just wrote this letter to Me.’

*I had found it lying on the floor; the paper.ill look for another one. ‘Ill write on this’.You show me a crumpled piece of discolored paper

*this is not mine, I tell You. No, it’s Mine. You smile and write.

*I sit here and look at the moon. You write in the moons light

*I sit under the dark night. You sit in the light. You are writing. I look for a piece of paper.

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