*the candle flickers while I wait for You. The night trembles watchfully

*I run after You. I gather dust and debris.

* silence awakens me.

*I am looking for You. I am looking at myself

* I followed You to the stream and You joined the river. I followed You to the river and You flowed into the sea.

*have I been in a dream? Traveling years to meet You.

*if You are the city and Ali is the door through which one enters.. who is this centennial guard that checks everyone who yearns to knock.

* there are voices all around. I cannot decipher which one is Yours.
Tell everyone to leave. The one remaining is I

*let me die at Your feet.
No, let yourself live in My heart

* I leave the window open every night. But You don’t come every night.. I feel I may have lost You or never had You.

*don’t leave the window open.
I enter through your heart

*I saw an empty bench today. I want to sit there with You and wait for dawn

*the night will be long , I hope. we can sit on the bench and talk. Ill listen to You and fill my basket with Your words. I won’t interrupt

* then You will ask me to say something. Ill smile and ask a question so that You continue to fill my basket

* I don’t know my etiquette when I sit beside You. I laugh too loud..throw cares to the wind. I cry when a child loses a balloon. I fear loss

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