* when you stop fighting it
it is then that you will flow with it.

*the trees tell Your story that every heart knows. Trees are keepers of secrets

*there is a river that passes by your house. Ill start swimming on it to reach you. Will You be there when I reach?

*the journey is your destination You answer.I am with you everywhere.

*the night watchman roams the street blowing his whistle without questioning the hour. I wish I could be like him in my love for You

*words collide with the silence You speak

* I shy away when You look at me..
and yet
I wait decades for You to look at me just once

*this is the hour You promised we would meet. Now You hide from me.
you are impatient, You smile and sit beside me. Like a child I smile

*when the sun sets i await Your return.
But I never go away, You say.

* Then why can’t I see you whenever I want?
you seek with your eyes.
I am seen with the heart.
close your eyes.
It is I who awaits you.

* the breeze takes the seed hither and thither without asking where it wants to go. ‘the seed must let go of its wishes before bearing fruit’

*I don’t want to lose You.
let go of yourself and you will not.
Fear cripples the heart and kills the soul.

+ once the heart knows it will never un know again. Never

*I am holding onto You like You said.
But you are chocking your own self.
You loosen my hold

* I am holding onto You like You said.
But you are chocking your own self.
You loosen my hold

*these whispers are filling every corner of my being. I don’t understand them, though.
‘You will once you learn to listen.’

* not every question requires and answer.nor every thought words.

* The way it begins is never the way it ends.
chaotic, feverish, rushed,circular.
The room is quiet now.
the moazzan begins the day’s call.


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