*is it Time?
To shed Your cloak and sit beside me?

*there is a river that I want to swim in and a forest I want to walk in. The city life will not let me do either.
you make excuses, You say

* walk into the forest and swim in the river to your hearts content. Close your eyes and go, You whisper as You hold my hand

*this is where I stood when You left.
I remain at this spot frozen in Time. Let it go, You walk me from the spot and we enter the clouds

*come walk with me in the forest-
I will,but not tonight.
tonight you will swim the ocean and soar the skies with Me

* I want to see You without the veil between us.
Give Your rest to Me
Your sleep
Your hunger
you will see me only by shedding your needs

*can we sit I want to rest
Lay your burdens on the side and rest.
Walk on

*I want to know the end of this book. I turn to the last page hurriedly before You look this way. The page is torn.

*can you read from your page, You ask me. I am staring at the torn page. You smile

*is there a breeze outside?
Yes, You reply.
Can we walk in it?
Yes, open all the windows to your room and read aloud

*am I dreaming?
is this real?
isn’t it?
are You here?
what do you feel?
I don’t know how to trust myself.
then trust Me

*will I see You again?
You look down and smile.
my lack of temperance shames me

*do I despise the beggar because he grins cheekily? You don’t reply but Your eyes are disappointed in my forthright behavior

*drink your tea, it’s getting cold.. You push the cup towards me.
it’s empty.
I don’t say anything fearing Your glance.
i take a sip.

*there is a brook by the forest where I want to walk with You.
there is a sky beyond the clouds where you’ll fly with Me

*I don’t want to wake up and see You leave.
I never leave.

*I don’t want to wake up and see You leave.
I never leave.

*the sun is about to rip through the sky. I can’t see it. My room faces a wall.

*I will break my neighbors wall today

* the call for prayer releases the ache that has lain on my heart like a heavy debt I have to pay.
You smile; love is not a debt.

*the ache is in the heart; the cure is the sajood

*will You stay? I look at You for comfort.. I never leave.. You smile.


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