*words are fragments of what I long to say to You

*long before I walked this earth ; my spirit was looking for You

*this is the Time when Silence speaks

*You will spill me unto You like marbles from the hand of a excited child

*have we not met before this Time?
why do I stare at You as though we have

*the writing is Yours

* you wrote me on the sand
and on the path I tread now
these are Your words I speak

*I forgot to leave the door to my heart open.
but You did not

*the elements all settling down inside me.
the ruins speak of greater construction underway by You

*the place where my forehead touches the ground; is the place You rest Your feet

*I find peace not in looking at You but in lowering my eyes in Your Presence

*I wake each night to a fervent beating of my heart.

*the madness is the awakening

*fear is a sign of Your Presence somewhere in these moments

*I want my being to stop existing in order for it to mean something

*forgive me for my ungratefulness in Your presence I lose meaning to mine

*let me drown to see one smile in Your face

* You wake me from my sleep and then You hide in the shadows to watch me looking for You

*trapped inside this body

* these are whispers
and You the Whisperer

*this was where You touched me; this wound that flowers in all seasons

*don’t leave without saying this: Yes

* the spell breaks
with words

*I am awake now and You have left

*the night speaks Your language

* in this surrender I have won You


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