I do not know what my world would be like if it were not so: I would not be able to see You in all Your Glory. They say these are the children with challenges but I am debunked by the very existence of challenges. The ones with them are stronger than the ones without them.
Am at LCC and the mother is with two children who are not what you would dream of having if you were pregnant.One is in a wheelchair and the other not. Both font talk or at least not in the way you know your speech. The boy wants me to like the pooh sticker his therapist gave him because he spoke so well. I tell him it’s nifty in crooked sign language; I realize I don’t know a lot. Someday I would like to know sign language. It’s my lacking that I could not communicate with him more. He and his mother are gone now. It’s cool and quiet. I am waiting for my child. Do I understand everything? None to begin with but I know that I can if I try.
My solitude is filled with my deficiencies. My lacking and my longings. This. This is all I know: that I am here for you my child and I am here for a purpose. If I don’t understand my purpose then I am deficient.
I want my emptiness to be filled with purpose and with a caress that will sooth out these bumps and inept steps.
I want to walk our walk albeit everyone staring..
And I want the purposeful attempt at never laughing at anyone.. Ever.. Even when they fumble at their walk despite having a ‘ regular’ one…
Especially then

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