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Yesterday, I wrote a post about teaching Katie to respect other people’s need for downtime. I talked about how I think it’s really important that we ALL be free to exercise our individual interpretations of time off the clock. One of my favorite readers left the following comment on that post:

C’s thing is to grab 2 of her dozens of favorite stuffed animals, and sit n the couch, facing the arm. And rock, and look at her “guys”. Functional? Not at all. But After a long day at school, and some kind of therapy session coming in the next hour (she has either ST(2x a week), OT(1x), or ABA(3x) every. Single. Day. After school), I know this is what she needs, and I let her be.

This is what I wrote in response:

If something serves to calm and soothe, I call it functional. Truly, what a…

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One thought on “rethinking functional behavior — and the tyranny of made-up deadlines

  1. Ahhhh yes, Jessica Wilson, the oversharer and mother who posts 20 times a day it seems on facebook. Her attention seeking behaviors have gotten out of hand imo. She’s too self absorbed for my taste any longer. I feel for her kids. Their images and stories are constantly on display for all to see. I think no parent has a right to do that.

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