Have you seen the day? Today? Where the sun and the clouds are shyly playing with the sky; the pulling and the giving, the prodding and the letting go, a shake of the head here and a nod there. The yes and the no. The certainty and the uncertainty. The finality and the shifting of this one moment into the next. The distancing and the meeting.
Have you seen the day today? There is nothing more beautiful than this day. With all it’s shiftiness and its stillness. It is here and yet this moment is going… There. It is gone.
Have you seen the day today? The pause between now and then. This and that. Should I or should I not? The playing and the groping. The finding and the losing. The fear and the faith.
Have you seen the day? This day? Have you really seen it?
I have seen it…
just now ..
when the smile spread across your face..
When you hugged me for helping you with your laces..
When I listened to your singing to the clouds and the thunder..
When you let me hug you.. Though you do not like the feeling it gives you..
They call it sensory something something..
I call it nothing.
The day is perfect.


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