I must be very busy looking after all of you that I did not notice you are all grown up. Not just grown up, you are an adult! How could I not have noticed? I was beating myself up on this one point when I sat up and smiled to myself. I can forgive myself for overlooking the fact because
you have turned out pretty cool ash. I relearn forgiveness everyday in the face of life and its cool cool realities. One place I find solace is the park of course but another is the dashboard.i must confess that writing has not been coming that easily to me in the last few years but I know it is there like a trusted friend;someone you do not meet often and hardly get the time to talk to but that one special person who is always there when you turn around and are looking for the steady shoulder. So I turn to you trusted pen and I hope you will just smile and nod like you always do. And so there I was waiting in the car for a good solid twenty-five minutes (to be exact because you ash are too) and I was waiting with the girls and getting a bit impatient. When you finally came and walked across the lawn in your cool lazy stride [ secretly I like it a lot :-)] and you opened the car door and slid in. Cool. Nice. As long as I don’t open my mouth or at least I realise you have grown up. I started my lecture on The Importance Of Time. I went on. And on. And on… And then I heard it. A low tone but assertive one. A phrase and not a long one. But perfect in tone, texture and meaning. The exact words were ‘bas kar dain amma’roughly translated into ‘lay off mom.’ So I sat up last night and thought long and realised you have grown up and I may be treating you like my lill boy. I apologised to you this morning and you the gracious angel that you always are said it was ok. I promise I will be really careful with my lectures now, because hey you do not really need them anymore :-). We can talk like adults and understand each other from here onwards.
As always
I love you my children.


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