I have been wondering about my notions lately… There are no coincidences in life… Everything is set for a purpose… By a Purpose that is higher than anything I know and closer than anything I feel… That Power shows me how weak I am in controlling any moment and how strong I am in my own Self in acceptance and even more so if there is complete and  absolute surrender to the Power.I know love now. Now that I have  let you all go and not holding on tight to save you….

This letting go has saved us all. You and me. I so want everything to be perfect like it is for other families; to have the same chatter at the dining table, in the living room… to have the same fuss over what to wear and how many friends to invite for a slumber party. I want to talk about studies, careers and make it ‘ usual’ and ‘ normal’ like ot is for other families… but jut recently I have had this distict urge to just let go. Wasif Sahib calls it Fazl and I believe him. Now I do. It is only that and nothing else. The point where all questions finish and peace flows in as the soft moon on a cloudless night. I wish us only this..letting go and swaying.. dancing to our own disinct call and song. Ours only. It is not like anyone elses. and it never will be and that is where the fazl lies… ameen.



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