God created war so that Americans would learn geography.”
Mark Twain

The attack in Salala,on Pakistani soil, on Pakistani security  perssonnel was not a mistake. It was planned, co-ordinated and typical of the arrogant and may I add cockish attitude of the United States towards its so called allies. I blame not the USA but I do blame my own government and more than that I blame myself. I blame the civil society for its impotence and its ‘as long as it does not happen to me, its not happening at all’ attitude.
After the attack yesterday the U.S secretary of State Ms.Hillary Clinton had the audacity to state that the ‘issue’ could  be resolved  ‘billaterally’. As I am writing this I can see the strip running under the Tribune News screen: ‘the air strike was an act of self defense.’ how does one explain self defense?
There are no justifications to all that occurs everyday in my country. The injustices, the pain and torture that the people go through at the hands of their rulers who have been  given a chance by the highest Authority to earn respect by doing good for their people, and yet the suffering goes on and gets worse.
NATO chief writes a letter  to PM Gillani.’ and before the news disappears in a cloud of fashion shows being covered, here is another one: ‘ Pakistan should improve cooperation.’ and ‘NATO strongly committed to work.’
All  this has happened because the defense committee made two decisions: NATO supplies to be stopped immediately.That alone can strangulate the USA in their Afghanistan mayhem. The other is to vacate Shamsi air base.
So where do we stand right now? At the most we stand at the precipice where we have always stood ; by the end of this day the apologies will be in place, the funerals over and done with, Ms Hina Khar would have had the required calls and the rest will be forgotten over an evening drink.
As I write this , statements  after statements are coming in and before it all dies an unsung death I want to state this: if Pakistan stands by its word and has Shamsi air base vacated, stops the NATO supplies, it will lose USA as a bully and regain its self respect.
The soldiers martyred were sons of this soil and they were attacked aerially. Had they been on ground, face to face, I can assure you that the deaths would have been different.

“Stability to the US means obedience. As long as Pakistan is obedient it will be considered a stable ally,” stated Noam Chomsky. Continuing he said, “We’ve all heard the term ‘to stabilise the region’ from the US government. Whenever the term is used it actually means that the US will destabilise the region but ‘stabilise’ any threat to its interests,” and coming from the MIT professor, this should be taken as friendly advice to Pakistan in today’s day and time.
May the sun set on a stronger Pakistan.May it set softly.Ameen.

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