For a people that is always wanting change,or at least looking for change, I have good news; the weather is changing. This change has come around after many years of confused weather. Pakistan was going through a crisis trying to decide whether it wants
a shorter winter or no winter at all.autumn has practically disappeared from the country and if you want to see leaves fall then you will have to shake a tree loose of it’s leaves otherwise forget the autumn leaves and trees changing their Colour and all else that you remember from childhood. For a very serious minded pkistan that does not like to laugh at it’s own self and remembers little or nothing of it’s past; my best advice would be that you forget your childhood period.
Speaking of change,the socio-political analysts are ranting on prime time about THE change.they are also talking about a revolution and it’s been clearly divided into two sub categories of a peaceful revolution and a bloody revolution and then there is the third category which us headed by dr shahid of the ‘the world is coming to an end ‘ fame.
Do changes occur because of talk shows on television?the possibility is there only if the target audience is tuned in at prime time, but if it is watching a soap or a movie at that time; chances of which are very high, then the change is only going to be a theory. my concern is that over the last some years television has done a good nay a great job of creating a hype but only among the old, the bored and the disillusioned middle class.the target audience, nearly half of which is underwater at this moment, has been kept away from mainstream politics and from educating their minds to a point where they don’t care who is in power. it’s the age old capitalist trick where the poor is kept busy with concerns of food, lodging and the like. why would such a people be bothered about casting a vote unless there is food involved. that’s how an election is bought and a people is sold.
if someones deeds lower his respect or repute, pedigree will not rescue the lost.If the circus in islamabad is being run by a mob of clowns, banking on their ancestral legacy no matter how glorious it was will not help. Thus, for those who are still reading this- keep your hopes high and fingers cropped for THE change, for that is how delusions work.

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