I asked you today, ‘Hey, ash..so who is the coolest guy in your class?’ and you answered ‘ I am mama.’ I stopped what I was doing and I looked at you.I have invested in all our children with gratitude and faith, knowing that a thin line seperates confidence and over confidence. What I was seeing was good confidence. My aspie was feeling good and that means the world to me. I admired you. I wanted to hug you. I wanted to tell you to never let anything kill your self esteem. No matter how hard things become, do not lose your perspective. I wanted to tell you the world is good and bad and what matters is you. How you sense it, feel it, and view it… I smiled and continued picking toys your siblings have scattered all over the floor and I replied with all my honesty, ‘that you are..so you are.’
we both believed it from the deepest recesses of our beings.

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