The Carpenters filled my teens and beyond with floating clouds and dreamy eyes. faiz sahib was what I reserved for the moments I was awake. Tina Sani and Nayyara Noor filled me with a fervor and a burning need to change the status quo. The desire stayed with me and my generation till reality became more than bitter sweet. Looking back ‘makes today seem rather  sad’ and one wonders why things could not get better and only worse for us.

Then one wonders little because the past is just a matter of recalling what we did right and what we did not. If I could stand here for a moment and state with all honesty that I have no regrets what so ever, I would then point a finger at the darn state and the rest of the circus in Islamabad. Only if I can with all honesty. Otherwise, its yesterday once more and I and you and the rest of this world has yet another chance to make it better; this moment that is yet to come. Right about now. ‘They are back again, like a long lost friend…’ Shall we, then, begin.With ourselves first.

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