Peace demands justice to prevail but then i have heard this so often that it does not make any sense anymore. I am trying to find peace around myself but the cost is huge. It demands that i stop feeling pain, empathy,sorrow, disappointment. That i numb my senses and look away.but i am not alone and i am not made like that. I am a mother and i suffer completely until immersed in whatever it is that i am experiencing. My youngest 2.4 years old, got his finger (right hand) stuck between a folding chair. The top of the finger came off along with the nail. We rushed to the nearest hospital (private) and went to emergency where the staff had no clue as to how to handle a screaming and bleeding child. I wont go into details of the day and night and the next day that we spent there. The thing that bothered me next to the attitude of our medical staff across government and private hospitals is the fact that the government has no sense of obligation to its people. Load shedding of Electricity at hospitals is a satanic practice. If my child was in pain it was ordained but if he was uncomfortable it was because of lack of commitment at hospitals and the load shedding. Yes, there are people who are worse off than me and no i am not being prudent. Why do we have to always lower our standards in order to justify the absence of those standards?Peace begs for justice to be meted out across the board. As far as my eye sees, those who love Pakistan are like a drop in the ocean and waking against the storm. If others do not join them there is little if any, chance for matters to improve. I Will continue to console my younger children that electricity problems Will end and its only another half hour before it resumes. I squirm because i love my country and its being wasted away. My elder ones look away, knowing things Will continue as they are. Lack of commitment. Lack of faith. But lacking it is.

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