The world around you keeps moving on prettily busy with their lives and the very typical extremely usual stuff. A child’s birthday party, a dental visit, the shopping lists, holidays, going to the movies and so on and so forth.
Families on the spectrum do not have this luxury.

Regular takes on an entirely new meaning. It takes on a life of it’s own and the only choice you have is to move as it demands. Any attempt to change it will be denied.

Half the battle is acceptance and the other half is not.

Some battles are won on grounds of a spark we see which is hope.

Others are won on the basis of sheer acceptance. That we will have to walk a different walk. When our friends will be rejoicing an academic success we will be rejoicing the fact that our child was able to sleep through a night without waking or finally be able to walk or talk or hold a pencil or even learn to bathe. Those are not small milestones; they are huge in the face of a life that’s going to reward this independence in terms of living a life in partner with ones capabilities as well as incapabilities.

I recently told a friend that I could not attend her kids birthday party, ( although the heated pool and theme is tempting).

How difficult could it be to let go and just pretend it’ll be a fun day?

Do I need to answer that?

Not really.

I have my own fun waiting. My ash is playing the guitar and the family is going to join in. Who knows, I might just pop some corn and sing ourselves into another setting sun.

We all walk a different walk, but walk we must.


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