ash buying himself some stuff
…and I ended up taking a sharp left because you said you wanted to go for a drive on the way back from our jog at the polo ground. I really suck at saying no to my kids and it’s not a special exception to you. I asked you where you would like to go and you said ‘ shezan’ the bakery around the corner of our locality !! Trust you to always surprise me.Hey! let’s go for a longer drive. I looked at your face. No great signs of disappointment. ‘want me to pick the other kids?’ ‘ no, just you and me.’ How I yearn for this close proximity.Having you completely to myself. Not having to share the moment with all my other beautiful children.I turn up the volume of the local station and you start moving to the beat.I park at a small mart after a short but not too short drive. ‘ok, time to get yourself something.’  Your eyes switch the sparkle with a familiar look.’let’s go together mama.’ I smile my smile, ‘ I’ll be right here, watching you all the way. Spend wisely, and ask for a receipt.’ A sprite,a bag of crisps and a heart filled with joy and confidence, think we are done for today 🙂 
hey ash! This was a good drive. 
‘yeah. you are welcome mom.’. 
tee hee. 
‘thank you ash.’ 
you put your head on my shoulder. 
I kiss your head quickly, fearing the moment will disappear in the blink of an eye. 
It is a moment I will cherish as all moments. 
Sometimes we get more from a day than we had bet on and that’s beautiful in it’s simplicity and completeness. 
To seal the day with hope for your children and turn your face tirades the setting sun with a smile; knowing it will be there in the morning as promised. 
As promised. 

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